Leaders In Micro Projects : Robots & Artificial Intelligence


Built by Industry Leaders having International Corporate Experience and with a Degree from IIT Roorkee And IIM Indore , we are the First Remote Ecosystem which gets Learning and Earning in a LIVE WORK Environment.  

Since ages, we have been following a  routine degree or course curriculum which do not match up with Latest Industry Needs and Skills. At IntelliNature, we have made Learning in Direct Sync with Industry Problems. Our Unique Learning and Earning Framework go hand in hand. Know Latest Industry trends in niche skill sets - Artificial Intelligence in a never heard before simplified language. 

Our Mission

ENABLE and Impart Knowledge and Importance of MICRO PROJECTS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & ROBOTS to Unaware Masses and ENABLE For LIFETIME Remote Independent Work




Machines are playing a major role in the Development of Human Civilization. Machines cannot become Intelligent until Humans teach and make them Learn. A Micro Task performed by Humans helps a Machine become Intelligent. A Micro Task takes few seconds to complete and can be performed by anyone with basic aptitude. A Micro Associate can earn money by Performing these Micro Tasks. Micro Tasks are coming in Millions Daily from Global Companies on Standard International Platforms

Our Learn and Earn Global Model Enables Associates to Work on these Micro Tasks. We provide a Learning Ecosystem where Associates joining us Start Earning within 1 Week of Joining. With the Company's Comprehensive Training, Learning and Earning Framework, a Micro Associate gets ENABLED to make Earnings in just few weeks. Unlike Traditional Courses where Heavy Fees is charged with no assured returns in terms of jobs, we get Immediate Returns up to 5 Times and Even More. The Work Ecosystem helps Associates get Hands on Experience on Real Micro Projects And Start Making Immediate Earnings. 


Total Work Freedom

No Hefty 9 am to 5 pm Job

Work Any time 24 By 7

No Targets

Work Any Number of Hours

Remote Work from Anywhere

No Fear of Job Loss

No Vacation Limit and No Work Limit

Non-Technical Work

Any Educational Background



Work On Micro Projects

For the Robots and Machines to understand Human Intelligence, they need to go through a Learning Exercise. 

Micro Project is nothing but a Learning Exercise for Robots and Machines. Micro Project is just one of the many ways, Humans try to make these Robots and Machines Learn by preparing samples of data. This new form of work is disrupting and transforming the nature of traditional work. Micro Projects are the Future Remote Work.


Micro Project come under Various Categories


Work Across Business Verticals

Below are the list of few Industries from where Micro Projects are coming.

TECHNOLOGY - Search Engines like Microsoft Bing and Google use Artificial Intelligence to deliver improved user experience.

AUTOMOTIVE - Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cars use Artificial Intelligence for improved security while driving.

FINANCIAL SERVICES - Big Financials Institutions and Banks use Artificial Intelligence to improve Customer acquisition, retention and overall experience

RETAIL - Conversion rates with better site search and improved customer service can be done with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

GOVERNMENT - Emergency response services, defense initiatives and law enforcements can with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

E-COMMERCE - The use of Artificial Intelligence in online shopping is transforming the E-Commerce industry by predicting shopping patterns based on the products that shoppers buy and when they buy them.

All and many other Industry Verticals use Artificial Intelligence and Micro Tasks to solve many of their complex business problems.



We are ENABLING a Micro Associate Workforce on this Emerging Field. With the help of Company's UNIQUE Training, Learning and Earning Model, Micro Associates start making Independent Earnings on these Platforms. Our Services include

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Subject Knowledge

Assistance on Platforms

Micro Projects Exposure

Best Practices, Awareness Sessions

Live Project Assistance

Special One On One Assistance Programs

Continuous Learning Programs

Discussions on Live Industry Problems

Dedicated Support Manager

Buddy Programs

Micro Project Meetings and Consultancy

Watch Videos